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Monday, March 2, 2009

Dylan DilinJah release party @ Times Sq. Arts Center 2.26.09

So I passed by Dylan's release party on Thursday per his request. The show was REALLY dope. His band is phenominal. I was thoroughly enjoying myself on the sidelines snapping flixx when I got spotted whining and rolling and was instructed to come onstage and do it. LmAo Thanks Dylan. Can't wait t see THAT footage! LoL I can't front though, I had fun. And I got alot of love afterwards. "Who say di white gal caannuh whine?!" LOL 

Also bumped into my homie Brazee who had brought along his friend A-Felon from the new season of G's To Gents. Here's some flixx from the show and afterparty at 308 Lounge...

(DJ Monumental & Dylan getting things cracking...)

(Dylan & Brazee ejoying themselves @ the afterparty)

(Brazee & Eddie Loco)

(Brazee interviewing Dylan's manager)

(Brazee & A-Felon)

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*MS.beezy said...


but he really does. oh how much i love and how jealous i am of you LoL. god damn i miss nyc. when you come out here that is when i plot my exit back to the city hahaha I LUFF YOU BITCH YOU ROCK!!!!!