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Friday, January 28, 2011

Craig David in NYC 1.21

Shouts to the homie Dre who made this possible... I've been a Craig David fan for 12 years. Finally got to meet/party with him last Friday! ♥ Also met talented producers August Rigo & Justa Beast, and the lovely singer/actress Joy Esther (yay for new French friends!) and we all got drunk as shit. LoL Thanks, Craig.

(!!!!! :oD)

(Craig, Esther, & me)

(August & Craig)

(August, Craig, & Dre)

(Dre & me)

(Craig & Esther)

(Esther & me)

(trouble LOL)

(this is all he was doing all night... pouring drinks for everyone lol)

(Justa Beast & Craig)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tinie Tempah press meet & greet @ Capitol Records

So this actually went down on December 14th, but I was waiting on the footage from Potential to put up with the pictures & then find out his harddrive crashed. :o( Anyway, I brought my other homie Justin of Dreemz Denim with me as well (so we can make sure we see Tinie in some Dreemz creations in the near future!) and we listened to some of the album and had a Q&A session. I think this kid is going to be big in the states (seeing as how he's already MASSIVE in the rest of the world! In 2010 he had 4 top 5 singles, 2 #1 singles & his album debuted at #1 in the UK). He has a show coming up next month at SOBs, I'll be there! Don't say I didn't tell yall first!

Shouts to Shampoo of YNVS for looking out!

(Justin & Tinie)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 launch party @ the Griffin 1.18

Upcoming stylist Yanni J. premiered her website and held a FABULOUS event at the Griffin for it's release party!

Check me out in the beginning of the video :o)