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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tinie Tempah @ SOB's 2.08.11

This.Show.Was.AMAZING. !!!!!!!! Seriously, I've been to SOB's MANY times for a Hot97 "Who's Next Live" event (including Drake) and this kid had the craziest crowd response/reaction/participation I've ever seen. Hands down. Not to mention he performed not 1 but TWO shows BACK to BACK! The first one was at 7pm and was for industry insiders and the second was at 9pm and was the actual Hot97 show. He KILLED BOTH OF THEM! AND I can't forget the band, his band is AMAZING! I've never heard dance/dubstep (especially "Miami 2 Ibiza") tracks executed so well by a live band! MAJOR props to the whole band & special shouts to Eric Turner & Josh McKenzie for being so fucking cool. :o)

I told ya'll before, Tinie Tempah is about to be a problem in the US. Don't forget that you heard it here first.

Also spotted: Estelle, Jay Sean, & N-Dubz (Tinie brings the stars out!)

(shouts to Potential @ for accompanying me on the video! Shit came out SICK)

(Josh! love this kid)