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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joe Budden in-store @ Fat Beats 2.27.09

So they actually sold of of "Padded Room" at Fat Beats today... but they still let fans that came through rock out if they couldn't cop it. They were giving out posters that Joe was signing even if you didn't get to buy an album. It was cool... nice atmosphere. Joe is a cool dude. Fucked my drop up a lil', but I'll give him a pass. LOL

Oh, and shouts to Sunny who recognized me from myspace :oD Made me feel like a celebrity LoL

Also spotted: DJ Q-Butta

(DJ Spree & me)

(Spree & Budden)

(Joe was mad that I caught him cheesing this hard... LmAo he said I'm ruining his "rapper image" LOL)

I also went by to check out Hi-Jynx @ Planet212 on 24th St. afterwards... we flicc'd it up a bit... LoL

(JFace & me)

(Jynx & me... lmfao)

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