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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Faces in the Crowd feat. Ron Browz, Outasight, & Boxie 10.21.08

So Chance, Knockie, & Black participated in this month's Faces showcase... in addition to featured acts Ron Browz, Outasight, & Boxie. It was an interesting night that didn't go as planned but I was still proud of them. :o) Here's some of the pictures of the Ether Boy doing his thing. (Ron also threw some of my flixx up on his myspace in his photo album... check it out:

*Note: Outasight & Boxie pictures on the way... still editing.

(Chance, Chalant, & Knockie)

(Knockie & me)

(Chance, me & Black)

(Chance & me with Black sneaking in LoL)

(DJ Ace of Spades & Ron Browz)

(Ron Browz & Famis)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making the Band finale & Sophia Fresh single release party hosted by T-Pain @ Suzie Wong's

So the finale was pandemonium. *GASP*... LoL and then later in the evening Day26, Aundrea and Dawn all showed up to Sophia Fresh's single release party. Maino came through as well...

(Donnie posing...)

(Robert looking a little

(Aubrey looking crazy as hell...)


(T-Pain and Maino)


(Robert, Que & friends)

(Dawn, Robert, Que & friends)

(Day26 flickin it up with Pain)

(Sophia Fresh & Brian)

(Maino & Brian)

(Maino was having fun and thoroughly enjoying himself...)

(Sophia Fresh performing "What It Is")