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Thursday, March 5, 2009

"March Madness" feat. Darq @ Fluid Lounge in Philly

So I took a road trip down to Philly to shoot Darq's show with DJ Ace of Spades. It was so0o0o much FUN!!! Darq and Bugz both went in during their sets as well as the homies from MBL & Cyph-Lo. Shout to DJ No Phrillz as well... he was on the set all nite. Also, shout out to Mike from who recogized me and wanted a pair of custom kicks. ;oD

(Betty, Darq, Cyph, me, & Bugz)

(Betty & me booty tootin' at Gifted's request LoL)

(Darq & me)

(Gifted & me)

(Bugz a lil' twisted licking my face LOL)

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