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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sounds Like Paper 2010 feat. Ninjasonik x Hanson x Drake

This entire event was a debacle from start to finish. The planners should be fired. South St. Seaport needs to really start using their brains as well to prepare for shows like this. Hanson and NinjaSonik sound checked but then NinjaSonik wasn't allowed to perform (they attempted to start their set 3 times) and Hanson backed out due to safety concerns. Drake didn't even show up. Everyone started rioting... shit got insane. Chairs, tables, bottles being thrown around, ambulances, cops in riot gear, stampedes... the list goes on.

Now, let me ask you, judging from the crowd's response to that 1 and a half minute teaser from NinjaSonik, do you think they would have still rioted (like you'll see in the next videos) if the fucking promoters would have just LET THEM PLAY?!?! CLEARLY the crowd was enjoying and getting hype off NinjaSonik... but then promoters won't let anyone actually play their set and an hour and a half later, this happens...

(Look, I found Drake in the middle of the mayhem! click to enlarge LOL)

Also, WHO THE FUCK CHECKS MEDIA IN 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS?! Really?! Get your fucking shit together, Paper Magazine. One of the worst events I've ever attended & a gigantic waste of everyones time.

However, I still got some dope pictures backstage & during NinjaSonik's soundcheck (might as well TRY to make it worth it right?!)... peep:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trouble Andrew feat. Spankrock, Mr. Move & Lil Jon "Wasted" video shoot 6.05.10

This was extremely fun... I got drenched in Beer but nonetheless I left happy. LoL Can't wait to see the video! Shouts to the ICU

**UPDATE 7.31**

Video's here!!! (shout's to the cameo my legs got at 2:58 lol + lots of random face time)

Trouble Andrew "I'm Wasted" feat. Spankrock, The Mr.Move, Lil Jon from The ICU on Vimeo.

For more photos: []