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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bow Wow & Day26 @ the Apollo 5.30.09

So I got sent to cover this event superrrrrr late.... I was at a video/photoshoot all day and didn't finish till 7:30 and then got a call to cover this at 7:45. The A train was running local the ENTIRE way from Brooklyn because it was the weekend so I didn't even make it to the Apollo unitl 9pm. Arghhh... therefore, I missed Unique and Day26 but got there just as Bow Wow was going onstage. Got some decent shots... 

(I spotted super producer Amadeus checking out the show...)

Rowena Husbands' birthday party @ Branch & Toca Tuesdays with Tony Touch @ Sutra 5.26.09

So after Drake's show at S.O.B.'s, Danielle and I headed over to Branch for Rowena Husband's birthday party (for those who don't know, Rowena is an amazing photographer). Melanie Fiona came as well (at Rowena's request) to perform and sing happy birthday. :o) It was a dope party!! We ran into Liz from EMA photography as well and got our party on... and then headed to Toca Tuesdays at Sutra to dance the night away.

Also spotted: Missy Elliott, Kangol

(King Charlton, Grafh & Maxx Wayne)

(Danielle & Olivia)

(Al Major & a friend)

(Melanie singing for Rowena)

(Rowena, Melanie & Rowena's daughter)

(me & Liz)

(Rowena & Danielle)

(bumpin booties... lmao)

(Why I got the mean stank face?! LmFaO I was dancin...)

(still dancin...)

(hey boo! *snap snap* LOL)


(we all work HARD!! we're allowed to have fun sometimes... :oD)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot 97 "Whos Next" feat. Drake & GC Soul Mafia 5.26.09

This show was so0o0o0o0o PACKED! Good lord... rumor was going around there was a girl outside who had been waiting for over 5 hours (and was wearing shorts... smh) to make sure she was first into the venue. Only person I've ever done anything like that for was P!NK... LoL but I guess Drake got them ladies goin' crazy.

Anyway, GC & Soul Mafia opened and were AMAZING!!! They truly put on a SHOW and ENTERTAIN. I loved it. The set was so0o0o dope!! If you've never had the chance to see them live, I suggest you hit up one of their shows REALLY soon before they're only doing stadiums and whatnot. DJ Class also showed up as a special guest and performed "I'm the Shit" and that shit was jammin... I didn't know that was his single! Hahaha Then Drake came out and Brought Bun B. along with him (everybody was looking for Weezy after that LoL)... he definitely has a commanding stage prescence. The show was cool... he's a little too cocky for me at times, but I guess that's just me. I haven't gotten swept up in this whole "Drake mania" thing (yet ?... who knows LoL). But he's definitely talented.

Also spotted: DJ Green Lantern, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Talib Kweli

(Drake sees Melanie Fiona... old buddies? Or maybe it's Canadian pride... LoL)

(Melanie & me)

(GC gettin ready to KILL it!)

(Iam goin in...)


(nobody's fucking with these dudes live show... playin guitars behind the head & rapping/singing WHO DOES THAT?! LoL)

(Peter Rosenberg & MC Lyte)

(DJ Class)

(Drake making his entrance... wtf is up with his tounge?!)

(Bun B. in the crowd waiting to go on...)

(ladies were definitely going crazy...)


(Soul Mafia)




(Drake & Danielle)

(Julie Greenwald, Drake, Lyor Cohen & a friend)

(Ashy L Bowz were in the building too!!)