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Thursday, March 12, 2009

DJ Webstar hosts Suzie Wong's 3.10.09

So after the J.Holiday album in-store I headed out to Suzie Wong's last night. From what I heard, Lloyd was supposed to be hosting... but he never showed up. LoL However, Fonzworth Bentley, E6 (from G's to Gents season 1), DJ Webstar, and  Buttahman (from MTV) were there. Apparently Fonzworth raps now?! I was unaware of that... I feel out of the loop. LoL But he performed his new single and then DJ Webstar jumped on the mic and performed his new joint.

(personal opinion: I think he needs to just be quiet. This monotone rapping thing over the autotuned track is not cutting it for me. He should just let Jimmy and Julez perform it and stick to the booth LoL)

(DJ Big Kap, DJ Self & Fonzworth)

(E6, Fonzworth, DJ Webstar & friends)


(E6 havin fun... lol)

(and cheesin)



(Dre Bless doin' his job and jammin)

(Fonzworth goin IN performing his new single)

(he was having fun LoL)

(DJ Webstar performing his new single)

(pop that bottle, pop that bottle...)

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