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Friday, May 8, 2009

They're HERE!!!! Jesus Juice Coature ads by Dirty Souf Yankee photography

So this is what I have been working on so diligently for the last month and change. I'm extremely proud of these ads and worked exceptionally hard on them!! For those who are going to ask, "What did you do?" (cause I know some of you will LoL) I shot and edited the ads. Shout to Popular for KILLING this shoot. He looked amazing in every shot. Thank you also to Jean for assisting me. And of course, gigantic thanks to Shawn White at Jesus Juice Coature for giving me and Pop this opportunity and believeing in my abilities.

2 ads are currently running. One is on 125th and Lenox and the other is on 125th & 7th (Adam Clayton Powell). There will be 6 separate ads from this series running eventually. The next one is going up on May 11th on 96th and Central Park West. This one is a pivotal location and it's going to be HUGE! So, in celebration of our accomplishments and hard work, we will be throwing a party. More info coming soon in a future post!! Make sure you mark your calendars!!! :oD

(125th and Lenox location)

(125th & 7th location)

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