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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot 97 "Whos Next" feat. Drake & GC Soul Mafia 5.26.09

This show was so0o0o0o0o PACKED! Good lord... rumor was going around there was a girl outside who had been waiting for over 5 hours (and was wearing shorts... smh) to make sure she was first into the venue. Only person I've ever done anything like that for was P!NK... LoL but I guess Drake got them ladies goin' crazy.

Anyway, GC & Soul Mafia opened and were AMAZING!!! They truly put on a SHOW and ENTERTAIN. I loved it. The set was so0o0o dope!! If you've never had the chance to see them live, I suggest you hit up one of their shows REALLY soon before they're only doing stadiums and whatnot. DJ Class also showed up as a special guest and performed "I'm the Shit" and that shit was jammin... I didn't know that was his single! Hahaha Then Drake came out and Brought Bun B. along with him (everybody was looking for Weezy after that LoL)... he definitely has a commanding stage prescence. The show was cool... he's a little too cocky for me at times, but I guess that's just me. I haven't gotten swept up in this whole "Drake mania" thing (yet ?... who knows LoL). But he's definitely talented.

Also spotted: DJ Green Lantern, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Talib Kweli

(Drake sees Melanie Fiona... old buddies? Or maybe it's Canadian pride... LoL)

(Melanie & me)

(GC gettin ready to KILL it!)

(Iam goin in...)


(nobody's fucking with these dudes live show... playin guitars behind the head & rapping/singing WHO DOES THAT?! LoL)

(Peter Rosenberg & MC Lyte)

(DJ Class)

(Drake making his entrance... wtf is up with his tounge?!)

(Bun B. in the crowd waiting to go on...)

(ladies were definitely going crazy...)


(Soul Mafia)




(Drake & Danielle)

(Julie Greenwald, Drake, Lyor Cohen & a friend)

(Ashy L Bowz were in the building too!!)

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