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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chrisette Michele album release party @ M2 Ultra Lounge 5.12.09

So the party was actually pretty light... Mansion (excuse me, M2) wasn't really packed. But it was still cool. Shouts to Wil from Now Wut!!

(Chrisette performing)

(the Retro Kidz performed as well... notice Ginuwine enjoying himself during the performance & at the end LoL)

(Brian from Day 26 on the red carpet)

(Ankh Ra, Willie, & Brian)

(me & Panama)

(Ginuwine... there's a story behind why I'm smiling like that LoL if you wanna know, ask me)

(Droopy & Jeauvon)

(love her!)


(Ginuwine & Joe Thomas)

(during Chrisette's performance)

(another performance shot)


(the strobe light was causing weird things... Shampoo and his crew)

(Chrisette on the way out)

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