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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Redman & Method Man Blackout 2 album release party @ Adidas & afterparty @ Greenhouse 5.19.09

Red & Meth didn't disappoint... some people thought Meth wouldn't show since he's been filming a movie recently ("Red Tails" with George Lucas) and wasn't at the listening session, but he came through! DJ Envy was spinning and Eric Sermon, Raekwon, & Bobbito also came through to show love. The Nuvo/Ciroc open bar was POPPIN! LoL Everybody was drankin' (southern accent on that LoL). Shout to Adidas for using one of the local street vendors to cater the event... the food was actually really dope! I was going to town on the lil veggie tacos... LOL

Afterwards, we headed on over to Greenhouse for the afterparty and Tyson Beckford and Ransom came though... didn't stay too long, had to run over to Glass with Moe to catch Donny Goines at his album release party (the second one, LoL). Bumped into Sha Stimuli, Mecca, and Panama. Shouts to Panama for giving me his swag bag from Busta's party @ M2!! ;oD Got me a t-shirt, some CDs, and a New Era fitted, w00t!

Also spotted at the Adidas event: Zenel (from G's to Gents), Pooch Hall (actor from "The Game")

(Red & Meth showing me love and a lil montage of the event)

(Ransom attempting to shout me out... LOL)

(You know Shampoo and YNVS were in the building HEAVY!)

(Meth & Bobbito)

(Red, Saukrates, & Meth)

(Erick Sermon on the red carpet)

(DJ Envy on the 1's and 2's)

(Raekwon making his way in...)

(hahahah I love it!)

(Meth, me, & the Nuvo LOL)

(DJ Puerto Roc)

(chillin at the afterparty @ Greenhouse; photo by Jay Lyte)

(Moe Roc outside Greenhouse headed into the afterparty)

(me & Tyson Beckford; photo by Jay Lyte)

(photo by Jay Lyte)

(photo by Jay Lyte)

(Ransom and friends headed into the afterparty)

(me & Ran)

(me congratulating Donny the best way I know how LoL)

(Donny, Sha, and Mecca)

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