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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Consistency" with Fetti @ Mirrors 2.05.09

So I stopped by Fetti's screening party/networking event/mixer at Mirrors in Brooklyn on Thursday... I always enjoy his events. There are always alot of friendly people that are really doing their thing that come through and genuinely want to network. Matter o' fact, I met Telli from NinjaSonik through Fetti!! LoL Anyway, quite a few folks were in the building including Rik Cordero, Gabourey Sidibe (star of the movie "Precious"), and the guy from the Capital One thumbtack commercials LmAo (a.k.a. Tarik Lowe lol). Event Fetti's mom came through!! I was having such a good time that I ended up staying all night and snapping away. Enjoy!!! (P.S. - Luduh, don't think Ima forget about my damn pancakes LmFaO)

*Note: the rest of the pictures can be found on my Facebook (I took 75 all together... too many to post.)

(Luduh, me & Fetti)

(me & Fetti)

(Ladon & me)

(Fetti & Rik Cordero)

(Trevor, Rik, Fetti, & Ladon)

(Bobby, Fetti & James)

(Tarik & Fetti)

(Tovah, Fetti & Shanae)

(Luduh & Ms. Lewter a.k.a his/Fetti's/Ladon's mother ;oD)

(Mom & Ladon)

(Fetti & Mom dukes)


(Devora & friends)

(Fetti being a good host)

(Luduh & Gabby)

(Gabby, Fetti & a friend)

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