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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fall of Babylon @ Rockwell's 2.19.09

So my show last Thursday was AMAZING!!!! Thank you S0o0o0o0o0o MUCH to Azrael for inviting me out and allowing me to showcase my artwork and for shouting me out/promoting me all night and making me feel like an integral part of the show. :o) Also, thank you to everyone who came out to support me!!!! This was my first show in over a year... 2008 was all about photography so my own showcasing was put on hold. I was a little nervous, but I had few new pieces to debut and the response was INCREDIBLE.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Shout to those who i invited that came thorugh... Q the Prophet, VideoDro, Chuck, Hi-Jynx, Popular, Otomatik, DJ Joe Black, Carlos, Knockie, & Ounie. And also shouts to the new frands (thats friends/fans lol ;oD) I made... what up Anthony & Wolf!!!! And for those that didn't come or couldn't make it, mannnnn... ya'll REALLY missed something spectacular. Cyphers were breaking out left and right, everyone was politicking and networking, the food was GREAT (and CHEAP!! $2-$8, HOLLA!), and it was just a really, really dope event.

Check out my flixx!!! 
(also check out for more pictures and info on future events)

(my display)

(Aipotu rocking)

(Azrael and his lady enjoying the show)

(Popular & Wolf enjoying themselves)


(Pop, me & Wolf)

(Pop, DJ Joe Black & Wolf)

(Pop, Peter Parker, & Wolf)

(Pop, Peter Parker & Wolf)

(Ounie, Wolf & Knockie politickin')

(Ounie & Knockie havin' fun)

(Wolf & Pop chatting)

(Hi-Jynx & Otomatik discussing something...)

(Jynx going IN during the cypher)

(Pop was goin in too... lol)


(Knockie spitting as Jynx, Wolf & everyone else looks on)

(Knockie commanding everyone's attention during the cypher...)

(Azrael & his girfriend... so cute!)

(Los & me)

(me & my favoritest DJ in the whole entire worldddddd!)

(umm... I forgot dude's name LoL but he was part of the band... he jumped in with me & Joe)

(me & Oto)

(Anthony, Joe & me)

(dude, Anthony, Joe & me)

(me & Oto again)


(Knockie & Pop looking mad as hell... LoL it was just a really intense convo)

(Ounie... HEYYYY!!!! LOL)

(Chuck & me)

(Azrael & me)

(Jynx & me)

(Anthony & me)

(Chuck & his friend)

(Azrael being a good host... even from the sidelines. A bum foot wasn't stopping him!!!!)


(Pop, me & Ounie)

(Pop, me & Knockie)

(Ounie, Pop & Knockie)

(Ounie & Knockie)

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