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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slaughterhouse album release @ Canal Room 8.12.09

So I was actually really looking forward to shooting this event since it was going to be my first time seeing Slaughterhouse performing all together... feeling started fading slightly because it took them 3 and 1/2 hours to get onstage (doors opened at 8). From what I hear, Grafh opened sometime around 10ish (missed that part DAMMIT!). Around 11:30, they come out and start performing other artists' songs from whatever city they were from... ok, cool. At this point, Joell and Joe are already hoarse. Then, they do their respective solo "hits"... *pumps it up* ok cool. A few acapellas were sprinkled in the mix... ok... can we get to the Slaughterhouse material?? 1 acapella later and they perform "The One"... yay!!!! New material!! 1 Slaughterhouse record later and the show is done. Ummm... ?... wtf... it's 12:30!!

Needless to say, I was disappointed. I expected more from them. But it seemed like not many other people in attendance shared my sentiments... all the male groupies seemed thoroughly satisfied (guy to girl ratio was like 50 to 1). The only other people that appeared disgruntled were those that were upset that Tahiry didn't make an appearance. LoL smh In any case, enjoy the pix...

(Mecca & Grafh)

(Mecca & Brandon)

(Royce & Biz)

(Crooked I, Biz & Squala Orphan)

(Biz, Sky & Miss Info)

(Crook, Mecca & Biz)


After the show, Biz, Sky, Squala & I ran into E. Ness (from Making the Band) in Times Sq.

(Biz filming a segment for Mic Bully)

(Ness & Biz)

(Sky & Ness)

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