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Monday, August 10, 2009

"Celebrate Brooklyn! & Lyricist Lounge Present Big Daddy Kane" 8.08.09

So I didn't make it out to this event until super late... Kane's set had just started and the event was almost done by the time I got there, but I DID see alot of familiar faces!!! Snapped a few flixx of everybody I could catch on the way out...

(Emilio Rojas & Poison Pen)

(Ness of the A-Alikes & friends)

(Kalil Kash, J. Monopoly & friends)


(Poison Pen & Torae)

(DJ Static)

(Poison Pen, Kalil Kash & J. Monopoly)

(Hakim Green)

(Unique & Mala Reignz)

(Mala & Chino Moy)

(Eternia & me)

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