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Friday, April 24, 2009

Redman & Method Man Blackout 2 listening session @ Quad studios 4.22.09

I had too much fun at this party... Redman is hilarious. Plus I got a "special" brownie which actually didn't do shit to me... just tasted like a brownie from Whole Foods with gooey chocolate icing. LoL Not to mention they had single serve KFC boxes along with corn on the cob and Heinekens for everyone... PLUS alcohol at the bar. Smh it's a shame I'm square and just went straight for the biscuits and corn. LoL

Saw alot of folks in the building though... Eric Sermon, Rocwilder, DJ Scoob Doo, DJ J-Ronin,  Rham from Protege Magazine, Moe Roc, Panama, Jumz, Mills Miller, the Def Jam squad (Shampoo, Droopy, Prizzy, Tommy Gunz, Mazzi)... unfortunately didn't get pix of everyone due to a battery issue. Didn't have backup (I know, I know, slippin' LoL)... but enjoy what I did get!

(he was a lil zooted at first, but Red knows what it is. LoL)

(Roc & Red showing off the gunz lol)


(Moe Roc)

(they had the individual boxes!)

(a breast, a drumstick, and a biscuit!!!)

(the corn was damn good... lol)

(Prizzy was goin IN on the corn & Heinekens LOL)

(smh lol)


(DJ J-Ronin)


(we look so cheesy... I love it LoL)

(Panama & Mills Miller)



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