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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Neako's Rubix Cube Series: The Green Edition mixtape release party @ Retreat 4.20.09

So it was monsooning (a.k.a raining retardedly hard) on Monday but somehow I managed to make it to Retreat on public transportation without completely looking like a wet dog when I arrived. LoL Good thing I did too! I was all dressed up and shit... looking all grown and stuff. LOL But the party was dope!! Couple of performances before Neako took the stage, then during Neak's set, Animal (the drummer) killed both of his drums drumming so hard LOL so they had to rock off of the CD for the rest of the show. Still dope though. Shout to everybody I saw that came through... DJ Joe Black, Sickamore, Amber Ravanel, R.O., Young Jerz, Vertical Jones, Mizz Nina E., Krill Krak, Bel V, Var, & Jimmy Valentime.

I took over 200 pictures... still working on all of them. But here's most of them to hold ya'll down 'til I finish the rest (plus a lil' video ;oD)!

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