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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lil' B live @ Highline Ballroom 1.13

This show was SOLD OUT and PACKED. The crowd response was INSANE. All night.

Keep in mind that Lil' B did not have a hype man, he did not have a live DJ scratching, he did not have any types of dancers, and didn't bring anybody out as a feature/special guest. He was onstage ALONE the ENTIRE time. You can hate all you want, but I don't know many "underground" rappers who can have that kind of crowd control with that many people with nothing onstage but a mic & a CD playing.

There were kids there in full chef attire, aprons, chef hats, cooking utensils, I think I even saw spices in the crowd at one point. Shouts of "I LOVE YOU BASED GOD!", "THANK YOU BASED GOD!", "YOU CAN FUCK MY BITCH/MOM/SISTER/BROTHER (insert any other type of family member here) BASED GOD!", "SWAG!", "WOO, WOO!" never ceased. There were people begging for autographs throughout the ENTIRE show. Kids were throwing all types of gifts onstage. I got hit in the leg with a balled up, rubber banded flying apron (a gift). At one point I felt like I was at an *Nsync concert with a bunch of foul mouthed teeny boppers. It was intense.

Take a look.

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