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Monday, December 6, 2010

Benefit for Coole High 12.05.10 @ Lit Lounge

So for those who don't know, the homie Coole High (who also happens to make one of the BEST pumpkin cognac cheesecakes EVER IN LIFE... ask about it!) lost his home to a fire recently. :o( Bust because he's such an amazing person, musician, baker, and just general friend those of us who love him are here to help any way we can. :o)

So0o0o0o, my other friend ShAY* (who also happens to be an AMAZING singer/songwriter) came & scooped me and we headed to Lit Lounge Sunday night for Coole's benefit. It was alot of love in the room! Tah Phrum Duh Bush was our host for the evening and I also saw Kalil Kash, Conscious Walker, Tasty Kiesh, Poison Pen, Prop Anon, DJ Polarity, Rabbi Darkside, Loki Da Trixta, Demostina (painting a dope piece live for auction) the Sleepwalkas (damn, I can't remember everybody! LOL) among others... I had a great time. :oD

Check out some flix from the evening...

1 comment:

ShAY said...

WHAT A NIGHT!!!!! That was so much fun, thank you for coming with lady!!!!!