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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dirty Souf Yankee front page feature on

So interviewed me about a 2008 photoshoot i did with Nicki Minaj for Spate Magazine that was never published or released... there's parts of the story that are mis-quoted and other parts that were omitted and I think it makes me come off as a hater which isn't cool. The interview was a phone Q & A session and the article is a paraphrased story.

To clairfy, I just want to say that the whole situation was very unprofessional on Nicki (for being 3-4hrs late) & her management's part and that's why I was disgruntled. I told SOHH that Nicki had been willing to continue the shoot outside in Times Square since she was so late & since Spate couldn't re-book the studio space because they were closing but it was her management who shut it down as she was getting dressed in her second look & said they would contact me to set up another shoot at a later date and then ignored all my phone calls & submitted other photos for the article & cover to Spate unbeknownst to me.

Also, they quoted me as saying "I didn't coach her for any of the photos,". Not accurate. I told SOHH that I didn't coach her for the weird, explicit, not cute shit she was doing at first. I also didn't submit the fucked up, ugly, not cute pictures to SOHH for this article. I submitted the decent shots that I DID set up, coached her on posing for, & re-touched.

(side note: If anybody is interested in purchasing any of the original high-rez pictures of Nicki or the entire set, please contact me. They have never been released or published aside of the 2 with the watermark that you see on SOHH.)

Here's a direct link to the story: SOHH Nicki Minaj DSY cover story
**Update: That link is no longer active, so here is the archived shot of the page

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AriTaurus420 Photography said...

I was just discussing with someone that these industry mofos, whether they r worth ish or not, don't think we're important and like to use us photographers like we're nothing. You want the photos but don't feel like we should get paid cuz "It's just pictures"....THEN Y R U CALLING AND E-MAILING ME THOUGH?! SIGH...I'm sticking to portraiture, lol!