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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Def Jam's 25th anniversary celebration @ Juliet

So after the VMA pre-party I headed on over to Juliet for the Def Jam shindig. There were alotttttt of people in attendance at this event but unfortunately I only have a few pictures thanks to some hating ass beeyotch who kicked me out of the club for having a camera (even though there were clearly other people taking pictures and I CAME WITH AN ARTIST, but whatever).


(DJ Trauma & Louie P. Sosa)

(DJ Trauma, Verse Simmonds, and a friend)

(Juelz Santana & Lee Charm)

(Juelz Santana)
(and after I left to run over to M2, I bumped into the homie Mistah F.A.B.)

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