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Monday, July 6, 2009

behind the scenes of 50 Cent "Ok, You're Right" video shoot 6.18.09

So these are late for a reason... I didn't want any trouble for putting them up before the video came out. So, now the video has been released (which I have a couple mini cameos in LOL) and you can all view the lovely behind the scenes pictures :o)

(see me @ 3:50 & 5:53 lol to the right of Yayo)

(yes, I'm sticking my tounge out, I don't know why LOL)

(LmFaO @ my expressions)

(Lloyd Banks & me)

(LoL @ Yayo)

(he makes the funniest faces lol)

(Yayo looks like a bird about to swoop down and grab him or some shit!! LOL!)

(Lloyd & Moe)

(Lloyd & Romeo)

(50 & Moe)

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