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Thursday, June 4, 2009

behind the scenes of Saigon's video shoot for "Change Gon Come"

So I got invited to shoot behind the scenes at Saigon's video shoot for "Change Gon Come" a couple of weeks ago... dope song. Can't wait to see the finished video as well as "Inside A Change" (the movie that it's on the soundtrack for)!! Shout's to Fetti, doin it real big... playing a principal role in the movie, a cameo in the video, as well as producing the video. :o) w00t!

If anyone wants to download the mp3, you can find it here: Saigon- Change Gon Come (download)

(behind the scenes... also for those that don't know, I customized a pair of sneakers for Sai. Check them out here))

(and here's the final video!)

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