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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fader 59 "The Now Issue" release party feat. Charles Hamilton 1.12.09

Ok, so the event started at 8 and I didn't get there until 10 and all I got to see of Charles Hamilton's "performance" was a simulated guitar solo and him having a "conversation" on stage with some random girl he picked out of the audience. Interesting. Still have yet to hear any of his music. LoL 

Also spotted: Wale, 4/8 of the Retro Kidz

(it was ridiculously crowded in the performance area... ugh)

(Charles Hamilton & Bread Wonder)

(me getting kisses/a big hug from Telli and loving it)

(Telli... a.k.a 1/3 of NinjaSonik)


(Omar Grant)

(Bread Wonder)

(Chris Rodriguez)

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